Are you and your dream partner tying the knot?  Expressed Creations will be there every step of the way to personalize your wedding just for you.

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Whether you are taking your engagement photos, decorating the hall, or looking for a way to connect family during your Event; Expressed Creations can help.  We can Create Personalized Photo Props, Personalized Decorations, and Customize your Event Entertainment Experience.  Expressed Creations has a proprietary app where each guest can design their own gift to remember this event.  Once they approve of the design, it is sent to our portable design studio where it is created.  5 minutes later...the gift is complete and one of Expressed Creations Employees brings the most unique gift for your guest to remember your event to them.  Want to know more?  Call our Event Expert and set up a Demonstration.

Event Consult
1 hr
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