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An Unexpected Blessing

Why I want to bring Christmas to the Hospitalized Community this Holiday Season...

Every night I look at this photo and think of all that changed the week this photo was taken. This was the week my Grandpa Richard passed away. It feels weird even calling him that, he was always just Grandpa to me.

I grew up right next door to my grandparents. The first three years of my life was spent living with them, while my dad grew his practice. It seemed like a blessing when the house next door to my grandparents became available. But the real blessing was having all of my family on the same street a majority of my life. My grandparents took my cousins and I to and from school every day. After school, we would all do our homework so we could hang out and play afterwards. To say I am blessed is an understatement.

There is no such thing as knocking for the Schneider's, we just walk in and say "Is anyone here?"

With such a close knit family, you can imagine how catastrophic it was when Grandpa passed away. One day he was healthy as a horse going for rides with Grandma, the next Hospice was coming in and we were all saying our goodbyes.

Those few days, we had all gathered around the house. All 7 Children, 20 Grandchildren, and 1 Great Grandchild at the time, had the best celebration of life one could ask for. We watched family videos, prayed, sang, laughed, danced, and cried. I remember grandma sitting on the couch counting grandpas breaths. I couldn't leave his side. I just held onto his hand as gently as possible and didn't let go. I couldn't. Grandpa was my rock. He was the smile that greeted me every time i walked in the house. He was the rock for all 28 of us.

When he passed away it was the hardest thing I have ever had to deal with. But his passing showed to be an unexpected blessing.

Grandma Peggy was a fall risk and her health was not stable. There was talk of putting her in a nursing home. I knew that would crush her if we did that. Grandma Peggy is used to family surrounding her 24/7. So I made a decision.

I became grandmas Primary Care Taker. I lived with her. I made her food every day. I took her to doctors appointments when necessary. I helper her clean. I watched Wheel of Fortune with her, every night. When something upset her, I was there.

I learned how to be patient when living with her. She taught me resilience. I have never experienced someone love more than Grandma Peggy. If you ever meet her, you'll know right away that grandmas love is in the purest form.

I know I am blessed to have such a large loving family. I am blessed to have so many people to turn to in my time of need.

Not everyone has that though.

There are people in the nursing home who don't even know its Christmas Day. There are residents that don't get visitors. There are people who don't even get a call.

Can you imagine NOT having company this holiday season? Wouldn't it upset you if you didn't have friends or family to spend Christmas with? That would crush me. So i am raising money to give as many elderly as possible a very Merry Christmas this year. Each donation goes towards giving someone in the nursing home a Merry Christmas. So make a donation today, because every dollar counts. Also, the profits on our online sales now to Christmas Day go towards giving someone in the Nursing Home a reminder that they are loved this holiday season.

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