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Fathers Day

Every year on Fathers Day I am forced to reflect. Reflect on all that my father has done for me not just in my lifetime, but in the past year. Boy Oh Boy is it a lot. My Father encouraged me to follow my dreams a year ago and start Expressed Creations. I was miserable in Corporate America, I wanted to do something that was my own...something that reflected my values. Starting Expressed Creations gave me freedom, It gave me the ability to go to someone or a cause that is struggling and say "How can I Help?" And crazy as it sounds I have been able to help! Without my father I wouldn't just have confidence in myself to be helping my community raise money, but to be standing on my own two feet running my own business!

With that being said, my Fathers Gift has got to be great! SO that I may remind him how important he is to me. To tell him not only I Love You, but I Appreciate You. I appreciate everything that you have done for me in the past and all that you continue to do for me. You put me first. You push me to my limits to make sure that I am living up to my potential. You inspire me to work harder and dream bigger because I can do it! You let me know that you are there to guide me and help me with anything. You even make the time to call me multiple times a day If i need guidance or to consult with you about anything and everything.

So this Father's Day I am going to customize a gift specifically for you. Something that shows you how much I care for and appreciate you. Something that says, I listen. Something that makes you smile every time you see it. Something that remind you every day that I Love You and I Appreciate You!

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